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6 Guided Meditation Scripts for your Practice

These meditation scripts will allow you to confidently guide anyone through a powerful, transformative meditation. This bundle includes 6 scripts.

1. Chakra Balancing Meditation
2. Awakening Your Body's Awareness
3. Clear Vision to Manifest Your Life
4. Forgiveness
5. Sunrise Meditation
6. Gratitude Meditation

I am so happy to share these scripts with you to help you on your journey to becoming an Empowered Entrepreneur.

Blissful Love,
Empath Empowerment Coach

Women's Empowerment life Coaching Package

In 6 one-hour, private sessions we will focus on creating the transformation you desire in your life; healing old wounds, fears, and doubts; and uncovering your inner strength and vitality.

Training Programs

Awaken Your Abundance Mindset

Awaken Your Abundance Mindset is a 4-week virtual workshop designed specifically for women who are ready to be free, fearless, and confidently attract more abundance in their lives.